Pet Send-Out Specialty Diagnostics

False River Veterinary Clinic provides specialized pet diagnostics. Our advanced off-site examinations provide comprehensive insights.

Vet and Assistant Examining Dog

Pet Send-Out Specialty Diagnostics

We understand that some diagnostic needs require specialized expertise and equipment that exceeds our in-house capabilities at False River Veterinary Clinic in New Roads, LA. In these cases, our pet out-of-house Specialty Diagnostics come in handy.

We have formed alliances with recognized external laboratories outfitted with modern equipment and competent employees. This collaborative approach guarantees that your pet obtains the most accurate and thorough diagnostic evaluations possible. These outside labs excel at performing specific tests such as complicated screenings, intricate imaging, or unusual condition evaluations.

Blood test cat in clinic

By utilizing these out-of-house laboratories, we ensure that your pet’s specific diagnostic needs are fulfilled with precision and care. Our dedication to offering the finest level of veterinary care extends to these collaborations, ensuring that your pet receives the best care possible at every stage of their medical journey.

Our veterinary team is still committed to open and honest communication. If your pet’s diagnostic needs necessitate the utilization of out-of-house specialty services, we’ll walk you through the process, addressing any questions you may have and providing ongoing assistance. Your pet’s health is our top priority at False River Veterinary Clinic, and our pet out-of-house specialty diagnostics show our unwavering dedication to providing excellent care.