PetPreventative Services

Protect your pet’s vitality with proactive care from False River Veterinary Clinic, which ensures long-term health and happiness.

Vet giving pill to dog

Pet Preventative Services

Protect your pets with our comprehensive pet preventative services at False River Veterinary Clinic in New Roads, LA. With our pet flea, tick, and heartworm prevention, you can keep annoying intruders at bay. Our skilled veterinary team ensures that pets are free of discomfort and health concerns. Our expert solutions allow you to spend quality time with pets without worrying about pests or infections. Trust us to keep your cherished pets safe and healthy. Our top goal is the health of your pet.

Cat visiting vet for check up

Pet Flea Prevention and Control

Fleas cause everything from irritation to health dangers. Infestations are avoided with our competent treatment.

Protecting dogs from ticks

Pet Heartworm Prevention

Investigate effective heartworm prevention. Maintain the health and happiness of your animal pals. Act now, and always safeguard.

Dog with preventive heartworms

Pet Tick Prevention

Defend Yourself Against Ticks! Learn about Effective Prevention for Happy, Healthy Pets. Act Now to Protect Yourself!