PetMedical Services

Discover superior medical services at False River Veterinary Clinic. Ensure your pet’s health and pleasure.

Puppy at the veterinary clinic

Pet Medical Services

Excellent pet medical services in New Roads, LA. Our False River Veterinary Clinic provides a full spectrum of services, including pet dentistry, radiology, ultrasonography, in-house laboratory diagnostics, specialty diagnostics, and surgical services. Our priority is your beloved pet’s health and well-being.

Veterinarian brushing cat's teeth

Pet Dentistry

Expert dental care may revitalize your pet’s smile. Our expert veterinarians guarantee that your pet has healthy teeth for a happy life.

Vets examining dog X-ray

Pet Radiology (X-Rays)

Using X-rays to detect problems, ensure health, and provide information on bones, organs, and systems.

Ultrasound Scan for Adult Cat

Pet Ultrasonography

We offer painless pet ultrasonography, thorough, noninvasive internal organ assessments, and pregnancy monitoring.
Dog Blood Sample

Pet In-House Laboratory Diagnostics

Our in-house lab uses Idexx technology, delivering quick and thorough findings for your pet’s health.

Blood test cat in clinic

Pet Send-Out Specialty Diagnostics

We collaborate with various labs to satisfy unique specialty test demands outside our clinic.